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The Artist-Troll War 3: CREATORS > HATERS

The Artist-Troll War part 2 - NEGATIVITY DESTROYS ALL

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The Artist-Troll War part 1: HATRED BREEDS HATRED

hi Gav! have you ever thought of doing a comic based on your own life?

The IRA GLASS - ADVICE FOR BEGINNERS comic is based on my life

So you travelled to Burma recently? Where exactly? I come from Mandalay:) I'm guessing you're Burmese from your name? I love zenpencils! You're doing an awesome thing:)

Yep, my heritage is Burmese but my recent trip was my first time there since i was born in Australia - I went to Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle lake - beautiful country!

Hello Gavin, I have been struggling with the ideas monetization and my art. I was wondering if you would share the best advice you have received regarding that and also the worst advice might be fun to hear too. Metta, Gabe

I’m still trying to figure that out myself! I only sell stuff I would put on my own wall or wear myself - prob not the most profitable idea but I can sleep at night

Can you make a comic about how our appearances do not matter and it's the heart that does, 'cause I've been getting a LOT of hate because of my looks and even my brother and mother are saying how ugly I am. Your comics give me hope and trigger me to do more better and not care about all the hate and obstacles I have to overcome. So.. uh.. Thanks dude.

Your own mother and brother tell you you’re ugly?! First of all, screw them and second of all, if you have a tight group of friends who you’re comfortable with u should hang out with them more and more and not let negative people poison your thoughts. If you have a good quote that tackles the issue, then send it through. - Gav

hi Gav. i am a huge fan. anyway, i would like to ask where do you get the inspiration in creating fantastic comics?

This is the ultimate question “where do you get your ideas?” and it can’t be answered. There’s no one answer - ideas can come from anywhere - life, books, films, music, experience - for example, the latest Dalai Lama comic was triggered from my recent travels to Burma - I bought a painting similar to the first panel - a monk walking on a wooden bridge - that sparked an idea

I love your work! Thank you for sharing your comics with the world.


You are really quite wonderful! Your panels are inspirational and gorgeous. What's been your favorite panel to do and/or what's your favorite quote?

I listed my top 5 comics awhile back add my Sophie Scholl and Bill Watterson comics

Would you be interested in significant and original quotes that are by non-famous people?

I’ve thought about it - possibly in the future